During the course of our day we all have many opportunities to impact others, in both positive and negative ways.  We want to reward people for taking the high road and bringing help, happiness, and maybe even a little joy, into the lives of others.

Every time you do something that benefits others, (people, animals, the planet) feel free to blog about it here. Give a little background, post a picture or video.  And come back often to read comments, as well as other people’s stories.

Several times a month, we’ll reach out to people and do a larger, in depth story.  And, of course, what goes around, comes around:  Karmic rewards.

After all, it’s a big deal making the world a better place.

Your PAK Pledge

“I hereby make a PAK to treat others with respect and kindness and to go through life from this day forward acting towards others as I would wish to be treated myself.”