100 PSAs in 100 Days:

The Campaign for Kindness

To coincide with the launch of Planned Acts of Kindness, The Karma Club and National Kindness Month in June, we invite people from all over to create Public Service Announcements in support of our outreach programs.

The Objectives: Ours & Yours

The first objective of the PSA campaign is to increase awareness, generate interest, and grow membership in Planned Acts of Kindness Programs.

The second objective is to give people of all ages and experience the opportunity to create their own PSA using whatever medium they wish — Video, Digital, Print — using whatever creative medium they choose — Scripted, extemporaneous, arty, musically, dance, stand-up comedic, sit-down comedic — individually or in a group.

The Rewards: Gifts, Gifts and More Gifts!

There are very few times in our lives when we have the opportunity to really make a positive impact on a large number of people. If you ever wanted to be an “influencer” or someone that makes a difference in a big way … this is for you!

Being an Internet Celebrity … You might not earn the big bucks, have groupies hanging off every word, or even have your own tour bus, but a stroll down the red carpet? Now, that a possibility!

The top three vote-getters in each category will receive gifts from Planned Acts Of Kindness sponsors with the winners duly earning their Karmic Rewards!

The Campaign & The Contest:

Incoming PSAs are categorized by type, and people vote their preferences. In the month of June, during National Kindness Month, we will take the top five vote-getters in each category and promote them through our Social Responsibility Clubs across the country and internationally.

On June 28, Karma Club members around the country will vote their favorites from the top three PSAs in each category with the finalists interviewed live through streaming media on “The Karma Guy TV & Radio Hour.”

The campaign/contest will run until June 30th, when we will have several large events around the country to interview the finalists, announce the winners, and kick-off the campaign for World Kindness Month in December!

Sample PSA Themes:

  • Demonstrate an Act of Kindness (Duh!)
  • Demonstrate Acts of Kindness (Ditto!)
  • Promoting the Organization Planned Acts of Kindness
  • Promoting the PAK Pledge
  • Promoting Greater Civility
  • Promoting Volunteering with PAK
  • Promoting the Website Planned Acts of Kindness
  • Promoting Planned Acts Social Responsibility Clubs
  • Promoting National Kindness Month
  • Promoting Donations to PAK
  • Promoting the Karma Constitution
  • Promoting Awareness of The Karma Club
  • Promoting People Joining The Karma Club
  • Promoting the Gamification in The Karma Club
  • Promoting The Karma Guy
  • Promoting “The Karma Guy TV & Radio Hour”
  • Promoting winning loot through The Karma Club

Talking, Singing, Instrumenting, Dancing, Illustrating. Miming, Communicating about any of the above or any of the below themes:

Depicting the Tipping Points of:

  • Climate Change
  • Pollution
  • Overpopulation
  • Pandemics
  • Terrorism
  • or War

PSA ideas are limited only by your imagination!


Submission Requirements:

  • Provide acknowledgment that you are the creator/owner of the PSA
  • Have the PAK logo and website appear in your PSA at all times

Subject Restrictions:

  • Contains no sexually explicit images or language
  • Contains no coarse or offensive language
  • Contains no human to human or human to animal violence
  • That is, all PSAs must be suitable for viewing by a 12 year old

Your First Steps:

  • If you haven’t already, make sure you sign-up in The Karma Club
  • Select the Theme
  • Select the Medium
  • Estimate Your Time Frame
  • Give us a heads up that you’re going to submit a PSA
  • Then repeat the process if you want to submit more than one

Give us a heads up!