Our Lack of Civility Is Killing Our Country & Dooming Our Planet

Lyle Benjamin created Planned Acts of Kindness, a new social responsibility organization and program, to give people specific acts to perform every day to create unity.

NEW YORK, New York– Talk to people about the current state of affairs and you will quickly see that the country is divided in so many areas … Red vs. Blue. Rich vs. Middle Class. White vs. Black. Male vs. Female. Christian vs. Muslim. For many of us, it feels as if the United States has never been less united.

This increasing lack of civility has led to a deeply polarized nation in politics, economics, gender, race, and nationality and the mentality of “If you don’t think like me you must automatically be against me.” The end result is that people are upset, angry, disillusioned and fearful of their future.

While many people are unhappy with the road we’re traveling, they feel helpless and don’t know what they can do to make a difference. To help solve that problem, Lyle Benjamin created Planned Acts Of Kindness, a global social responsibility program in which each morning people around the world receive cell phone and computer notifications of a daily planned act of kindness they can do with their family, friends, co-workers and in their community.

Benjamin’s goal is to have tens of millions of people in the United States and hundreds of millions of people around the world doing the same planned act of kindness on the same day unleashing positive, powerful energy into the world.

“The problems of the world — climate change, pollution, overpopulation, pandemics, war and terrorism — are not going to be solved by governments, corporations or religions alone, but by ordinary people working on common causes with a common purpose,” Benjamin adds. “The tipping points are not 20 to 30 years in the future; they are now and if we don’t get these problems under control the world will be a very different place for billions of people.”

Program participants can sign up for the organization’s Karma Club which allows them to create teams and earn rewards for the number of good deeds they perform. For example, Karma Club members who complete four different types of achievements during the month are eligible to receive daily gifts randomly given away.

But the Karma Club has a much more ambitious mission according to Benjamin: “If we are to survive a species and have any chance at quality of life, we need to have hundreds of millions of people around the world working together on

planned acts of kindness with the ability to mobilize instantly to effect corporate, political and grassroots change on common causes like pollution, environmental issues, energy, health and politics.”

Benjamin is enlisting the help of organizations, companies, sports teams, colleges, churches, temples as well as authors, speakers and celebrities to spread the message. Planned Acts Of Kindness is also working to establish National Kindness Month in September and World Kindness Month in December that features education and action courses in civility, ethics, social responsibility, volunteering and global citizenship in conjunction with the United Nations.

He extends an invitation to people around the world to join in and take the Kindness Civility Challenge. “If you’re unhappy with the direction your community, your country or your world is headed, become part of the solution. Take the Kindness Civility Pledge and join the Karma Club at PlannedActsofKindness.Org and working together we can make the world a better place, one Planned Act of Kindness at a time.”

For more information, contact Lyle Benjamin of Planned Acts of Kindness at (212) 213-0257 (landline), (917) 683-2625 (cell); or Help@PlannedActs.Org; www.PlannedActs.Org

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